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Common Sense: Where Have You Gone?

Global Warming Commentary: By Jonathan Hessling, IUF

The world today is driven by empirical data, scientific findings, and quantifiable results that are supposed to lead us to a greater understanding of the world around us and point us in a direction that will greatly benefit us. However, somewhere along the way, scientific findings trumped pragmatic thinking and common sense ideology that ran the world for centuries. Why are we predisposed to disregard common sense logic? Can things truly be scientific in their global implementation, especially on issues that have subjective sectors to the issues? And lastly, why is it that we have this "your way or the highway" mentality when it comes to certain issues? Can we not find some form of moderation or middle ground where both sides can be used to the greater advancement of mankind? These are questions that are present in the minds of true policy researchers and analysts in their goal and determination to find an effective solution to global warming.  


In the debate of global warming, whether global warming is or is not happening is not the issue. The real issue is the cause for global warming and the most expedient measures to solve the global warming issues. At this point the only loud voices in this debate are those at the poles of the issue. At one end you are enlightened because you want to save the planet and believe that we should do whatever it takes to save it and in a radical manner because we are in imminent danger. On the other end of the issue are those that do not see global warming as a threat to their life, the future of the people, or the future of the planet. They believe that any attempts to curb "global warming" in the manner that is currently on the books will have such a detrimental effect that we will destroy the global economy and be forced to head towards a more agrarian form of lifestyle where we live off the land and only consume what is necessary for living. Where is the middle ground? Where are the people of "common sense" that proclaim moderation in life and how we live? Why do these people sit quietly and watch the issue deteriorate to the point that they have to step in and solve the problem when we could be on that path already?  


This world has been around a long time and she has seen a lot of things happen. We are but a breath in comparison to what the world has been through yet we think we are so important. Moderation in everything in consideration of how we live in this world is essential to maintaining the balance of the world and the world we want to live in. Technology will and has garnered us great things and it will continue to from now until we cease to be. Alternatives to the current lifestyle that we live are already being explored from hydrogen powered cars to solar powered plants that are efficient enough to work for the community as a whole. Fears of certain power sources have seen declines in areas that we should explore and do not. Also common sense should be used to understand that in the current world of transition that we should take care of the present while planning for the future. Drill for the oil that we need to maintain our economic conditions but plan for a future where oil and other fossil fuels are a thing of the past. Energy firms know that the time for new sources of energy is approaching and they are investing in these new forms. Companies want to survive and thus will strive to move in the direction that change is approaching and in this case away from fossil fuels and towards a more "fuel efficient" society.  


Common sense has not been lost, it just does not have a loud enough voice. Someone needs to buy it a bull horn so it can be heard because it is with this type of logic that we can change the past, to live in the present, and plan for that future that is only in our dreams and we long to live in.  


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