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Cooperative Entrpreneurship

Wolff Hans Graff - In an Interview with Berlin's Young Entrepreneurs

Wolff Hans Graf, in an interview with Berlin's Young Entrepreneurs in The "If You Don't Give In," discussed his entrepreneurial experience and view to students of the Create! Startup program. The Create! StartUp discussed and raised questions including: What is cooperative entrepreneurship and how does it affect me? What is the meaning and function for business networks? How can I express myself in the creation process and what role does the State play in promoting self-sufficiency?  


A discussion of knowledge and experience followed the interview.  


About the Speakers:  


Hans Graf Wolff has been involved for decades in the struggle for greater autonomy in Germany. In 1985, he founded the first financial and asset management consulting firm; Aktiengesellschaft in Germany (Efv-AG). He has received the Werner-Bonhoff-prize for "Against the Jungle of Laws." He is chairman of Perspektive ohne Grenzen, (Perspective Without Borders) eV and Anthropos eV - For the Children of this World and author of "Corruption", published in Fouqué Verlag.  


About Creare! Startup:  


create! StartUp is an educational initiative for greater autonomy, commitment and entrepreneurial innovation at Berlin universities. The aim is to students, in particular from economic reform courses, to start a business, mobilize and provide them with competencies, and identify them as successfully self-employed. create! StartUp awakens entrepreneurial potential brings the abundant possibilities of entrepreneurial creativity to life. These include, in addition to traditional forms of creation, new concepts such as: Cultural, Political and Social Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. In addition to the intense confrontation with its own personality as the founder of the practical implementation, lies an entrepreneurial project in the heart of the program. The students develop their own career paths to independence and try to be a creative destroyer in Schumpeter's sense. They develop a flair for innovative ideas and learn to make a viable business model.  



Homepage: www.creare-startup.de  

E-mail: info@creare-startup.de  



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