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13 November 2009, Berlin

Property Rights in Central and East European Countries

Developments after the Transformation Process

In post-communist countries property rights have been, and still are, a controversial social and political issue. After the political upheavals and during thetransition process, property rights had to be redefi ned and new mechanisms of protection had to be institutionalised. Nearly two decades after the collapse of the Soviet bloc, it is time to evaluate the progresses made and identify what needs to be done to speed up the drive towards more liberty and prosperityin Central and Eastern Europe. How is the liberalisation of goods and capital markets proceeding? Are property rights now effectively and equitably protected? Is there still a wide gap between the legal and real exercise of property rights? How efficient is the protection of property today? And what isthe liberal stand on these issues?






Welcome Address  

Annemie Neyts, MEP  

Vice-president of the European Liberal Forum


Wolf-Dieter Zumpfort  

Vice-chairman of the board of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom



Keynote Speech  

David Schmidtz  

Professor of Philosophy and Economics, University of Arizona



Property Rights as Freedom Rights


Moderation: Oliviero Angeli  

Research scholar, University of Dresden


David Schmidtz  

Professor of Philosophy and Economics, University of Arizona  


Michael Georg Link, MdB  

Member of the Committee on the Affairs of the European Union  


Hartmut Kliemt  

Professor of Philosophy and Economics, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management  






Panel II Property Rights in the Transformation Process: Successful Completion?


Chair:Ulrich NiemannHead of Regional Office (Central, East and Southeast Europe/South Caucasus and Central Asia), FriedrichNaumann Foundation for Freedom


Grzegorz W. Kołodko  

Director of TIGERProfesssor of Economics and Head of TIGER (Transforamtion, Integration andGlobalization Economic Research),Kozminski University, Warsaw  


Alina Mungiu-Pippidi  

Professor für Demokratisierungsstudien, Hertie School of Governance  


Oleh Havrylyshyn  

Gastwissenschaftler, Universität von Toronto und ehemaliger stellvertretender Finanzminister der Ukraine  


Wolfram Schrettl  

Professor für Ökonomie, Freie Universität Berlin  



Coffe Break  


Panel III: Welche Rechte? Welcher Schutz? Welche Instrumente? Policy-geleitete liberale Vorschläge zum Eigentumsschutz  


Moderation:Sascha Tamm  

Projektleiter Moskau, Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftungfür die Freiheit  


Tomasz Marek Mickiewicz  

Professor für Vergleichende Ökonomie, University College London  


Ruta Vainiene  

Assoziierte Politikberaterin des Litauischen Instituts für Freie Marktwirtschaft  


Alfred Steinherr  

Professor für Ökonomie, Freie Universität Bolzano, Italien  


David Lipka  

Forschungsdirektor, Liberales Institut, Prag  



Concluding Remarks  

Stefan Melnik  



All presentations will be simultaneously interpreted English/German  


Hertie School of Governance  

Friedrichstraße 180  

10117 Berlin  


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